Maintaining functional nutrition is an integral part of the management of all gastrointestinal diseases. Improving your nutrition status can also improve your mental health outlook. This is because most of the serotonin your brain uses is produced in the gut. Improved food choices picked by your nutrition expert can ameliorate your GI disease with the potential side effect of increased happiness. Conversely if you suffer from depression, improving your digestion can improve your brain function!
View the different options SmartFood has to help you find a routine that works for your lifestyle and budget. Healing a GI disease can take many years so it is a difficult undertaking alone. Utilize a guided nutrient approach with an expert at SmartFood Nutrition and avoid the confusion of non-scientific approaches present in most popular 'diets'



Our modern industrial society leaves us with a chemically laden body. Toxins are found everywhere from air, household products, furniture, body care products, and food. Chemicals can contribute to the progression of disease in the cell, tissue, and hormone systems. Environmental byproducts from the industrial revolution remain in your body for long periods of time. They can even cause epigenetic changes, these are changes above the level of genes, but like genes, are heritable during cell replication as well as heritable by your children and your grandchild. This is why we encourage women planning to get pregnant to undergo a series of cleanses. Babies can have over 200 chemicals in their bodies at birth.

Before the acute disease stage, a high chemical load can contribute to lethargy, aches/pain, brain fog, allergies and rapid aging. Cleansing your body now will improve your productivity, make you energetic and youthful in every way imaginable, and potentially stop the progression of disease.

It is important to do cleanses under the supervision of a professional. You may damage your body unless done in a safe manner appropriate to your experience and physiological status. SmartFood Nutrition's most economical option is a series of cleanses guided throughout the year. The most effective option is a biyearly cleanse over three to five year's time. These cleanses will each be different depending on the number of cleanses you have done, and your health status.



Physical trauma, whether or not recent, can also be addressed effectively by nutritional therapies. The sooner you address physical trauma or surgeries by nutritional therapy, the faster you will recover. Old trauma can also be completely cured by nutrition alongside appropriate exercise and physical therapy. SmartFood Nutrition specializes in treating physical trauma and pain with diet therapy.
Pain is also a disease, no matter the cause; it can be cured by nutrition. Physical trauma, whether or not recent, can also be addressed effectively by nutritional therapies.
The sooner you address physical trauma or surgeries by nutritional therapy, the faster you will recover.



Migraines, Allergies, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) can be fully or partially ameliorated by undertaking cleanses and/or identifying potential food or environmental allergies. Testing for allergies via skin test often leaves out many substances in your environment or food supply, or can give false positive or negative results. Your nutrition consultant can also guide you on how to identify compounds to which you are sensitive.
Cleanses should not be done without medical and expert supervision as they can often result in more harm to the body. Celina has developed her own protocol of cleansing that is gentle, safe, and effective by studying the world wide and ancient practice of cleansing and fasting. Purifying the body is an established practice in many societies from Ayurvedic Medicine to Chinese Medicine. Cleansing was even undertaken by the Ancient Greeks in the form of fasting to purify and strengthen the body.
Visit SmartFood Nutrition two to four times a year for four years and see your allergies greatly improved! Even if you have such severe MCS as to be hospitalized, we at SmartFood Nutrition can assist you in avoiding the hospital or just help you trash all those anti-histamines!



Diabetes type 2 and heart disease are two of the simplest diseases to cure if you are willing to change your choices. Scientific research for healing these diseases abound. Let SmartFood Nutrition guide you through the best evidence based medical science and accompany you on your journey to new health and a new body. Live a long, full and healthy life instead of being subjected to an early death after years of injections, pills, and surgery.
Simple moderate exercise, such as a walk three times a week for 20 minutes, is needed to accompany dietary changes for these disease states. Energy and vigor you did not imagine possible will accompany these changes.



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All non-communicable diseases (diabetes, heart disease, GI diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc) can potentially be reversed by nutrition and your own motivation. Your doctor is well trained in physiology, pharmaceuticals, diseases, and surgery, but is not extensively trained in nutrition. That is why you must turn to someone trained, by the rigors of academia, in the field of biology and nutrition. At SmartFood, our promise is to share the health benefits of a meticulous planned and deliciously prepared diet that serves to heal and cure.

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